It wasn’t an easy decision, but we are depreciating the mushroom farm.

With the disappearance of our lead backend developer, Enoki’s mushroom farm ground to a halt when a crucial bug appeared — relating to the minting of NFTs.

After searching far and wide, and after much debate, we have…

Experience DeFi in beautiful CoinVille

Good day gamers 🕹️, we are excited to announce that two of your favorite DeFI gaming projects are merging.

With handheld games, The Jungle, Shinobi Challenge, and CoinVille underway, $ENOKI and $JEM are joining forces to consolidate efforts to bring DeFi to more people.

CoinVille will have its own brand under Enoki DeFi club and will be maintained and improved over the next year.

What happens to $SPORES, $ENOKI & $JEM 💎?

  • $ENOKI will be the governance token…

December 29th brought us the final Full Moon of 2020… The Cold Moon, said to symbolize the coming months of frost, and freeze across the lands, let not your heart not grow cold forager… least you let the winter’s chill creep into your chest…

2021 brings new promises far and wide across the realms of deFi. CoinVille is under development and marketing efforts are underway to poise it as this year’s biggest handheld deFi title.

In Celebration of the New Year, we ran an event… an event of inspiration if you will, a competition…

Enoki DeFi Club

Inoculating DeFi with $Enoki

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